Deadline driven creativity

Remember the second rule that I followed during my Power Year?

You must complete a different personal project each month. Your deadline is the 29th. Always.

This is the rule that led to the widest array of opportunities and surprising outcomes.  Sometimes I didn’t have a clue what my project was going to be until the 28th. And then, without fail, something would present itself. It always does. It’s just a matter of whether you’re paying attention or not. Well, that, and once something does present itself, your willingness to hop on to the idea and ride it. Having the monthly deadline of the 29th helped me practice keeping my eyes and ears open for potential projects.

It was difficult at first, and still is sometimes, to take promises to myself as seriously as promises to others. BUT, like anything else, practice helps. After completing my Power Year of personal projects, I now use the 29th of the month, every so often, to kick me into gear to do any random thing that I’ve been too lazy to cross off the ol’ list during the rest of the month. It works, even though my Power Year is over.

We are all capable of dedication and focus; my deadline driven Power Year taught me this.



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