Don’t resist the flow

I’m not über-astrology woman, but I have found that most Cancerian characteristics are in line with my personality. The third rule I made for myself during my Power Year was easier since I quit my job, but was enjoyable as well—possibly because I’m a water sign and do quite like going with the flow. As an aside, I also am in love with the ocean, enjoy being as still as an uninterrupted lake, and have been described as being more fierce than the Mississippipi. Just sayin’.

Anyway, here’s the third rule I gave myself during my Power Year:

Go with the flow. If you find yourself genuinely interested in one thing, it will naturally lead to another.

Some people call this networking. I call it quenching my curiosity.

Following this rule of mine introduced me to the world of design, which I have continued to explore more in depth to date, and it led me to taking a studio art class, where I learned about a lot of artists I had never known about before—their life stories inspired me and I have filed them away in my brain to refer to when I begin doubting myself as being able to “make” as a living.

I know it’s challenging to feel like you’re not in control, which is a big part of going with the flow. If nothing else, why not clear one of your weekends and practice going with the flow? Begin somewhere you normally don’t (flea market? park?), and see where you end up. Focus on the new/different experiences available to you, but don’t become paralyzed by avoiding the ordinary. Just pay closer attention to it. Be inspired. I love this activity.

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