It’s not just a night, it’s DATE NIGHT

That which we call a “date,” by any other name, would be as special—right? Wrong.

Although I’m not a huge fan of when individuals are defined only by a name or title, I see “date nights” as being different—especially when you are in a long-term relationship. It takes creativity to keep love feeling fresh. Stale bread is gross, stale relationships are even worse.

Instead of a trip to Third Tuesday at Buntport Theater being just another night, when you say, “Hey! It’s date night,” everything changes (if you are mindful about it). When you call it “date night,” it’s more likely that feelings of giddy beginnings can be conjured up. When you call it, “date night,” there’s an unspoken understanding that both parties involved will be on their best behavior, maybe even get a little fancied up. Think about business attire and why you don’t wear pajamas to the office. For the record, much of my work is remote and although I could wear sweats all day, I dress the part for productivity when I’m doing work. I’ve heard of those people who can work in their pj’s and have to say, I’m not one of them. I digress.

Date night. It’s something that a number of Power Year pledges have noted as a focus for them. It’s important. Get gussied up, be creative with your relationship, have fun, make love happen.

Tight budget? Date night doesn’t have to be expensive. Remember how fun it can be to actually walk through a record or book store and browse (as opposed to surfing the web)? Go on a thrift store hunt together on the weekend, estate sale hopping. Free day at the museum, zoo, or if you live in Denver, ride the 15 down Colfax for a mile and you and your date will have plenty to talk about.



2 thoughts on “It’s not just a night, it’s DATE NIGHT

  1. Great ideas, Megan. I would also suggest setting some rules (especially for those in long-term relationships). Each date night must be unique in some way. One person should “pay” for everything on the date…even if you have a joint account. And flirting (real flirting, the kind you did before you were engaged/married/shackin’ up/etc.) is a must!

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