Music moves

I listen to my Kanye West station on Pandora when I want to motivate to build up momentum on beginning a project; I play my “Brain time with Bach” mix when I am writing on deadline; and I crank up the Wu-Tang Clan when I’m exercising.

Music moves me—thank the powers that be, it doesn’t move me ugly (or, at least not that I’m aware of). There’re studies that show the benefits of listening to music that include lessening chronic pain and increased productivity.

Music is the very reason why I answer, “blind” when people ask whether I’d want to be deaf or blind. Music lifts me out of a ruts and motivates me to DO.

I love how I can put on my big ol’ headphones and listen to musical masterpieces from any era or genre I want. I’ve got lots of respect for the musicians who create compositions that inspire me to shake my shoulders and take action to cross things off my list of Things to Do.

What music gets you going/creating/thinking/dancing?






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