The future is…nuh…Nuh…NUH…NOW

Happy Friday party people.

One of the challenges for the 2011 Online PY Pledge Class is to “Go Public” in March. That is, share projects with the public. I don’t like to ask others what I’m not willing to do myself, so I went public with some of the values that drive Bean Again at this month’s installment of The Forecasters—I shared my vision of the future.

Although the audience turn out was light (guessing the fact that it was St. Patty’s Day had something to do with this), the quality of the five presentations was solid. Plus, preparing to share your ideas in a public manner is a process that helps develop those thoughts in a way that just is not possible otherwise—even if you don’t perfectly execute expression to your audience.

Public speaking is not my favorite, but I understand its value and its importance to improving creative projects. When’s the last time you went public with one of your projects?


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