Disconnected from the world wide web

Every once in a while when I feel like my smart-ass phone is taking over my life (like when I can’t go more than 15 minutes without checking email), or when Facebook is sucking too much of my time, I voluntarily disconnect from the world wide web and take a breather from being distracted from living in the moment. I turn my phone off and don’t get on my computer.

Yesterday I disconnected from the internet and phone and although I was hoping I’d be inspired to clean my home, instead I found myself inspired to read this book:

I think I finally picked it off my bookshelf because I saw Blink! at the Denver Art Museum  on Friday night and was feeling inspired to learn more about moving images. This particular lesson struck a chord in me, which I see as good life advice:

Reading made me remember that I had a book to pick up from Tattered Cover, so I headed over there, purchased Materials Matter and ended up with several design periodicals as well. As my eyes feasted on CMYK, Communication Arts, Design Practices Now and Print, my mind began churning ideas and my skin began to do that little “I feel inspired” dance that it likes to do sometimes. My favorite part of reading the magazines (besides learning about the amazing things individuals are doing with their lives) was that there were no links to click on in the middle of the articles. I prefer turning pages to scrolling down.

When I tried beginning Materials Matter, I got through five pages and fell asleep. It struck me as a book that may affect me like Cradle to Cradle did; I don’t necessarily feel like being depressed by the environmental state of our world right now, so after my little nap, instead of reading more about materials, I watched the documentary Young at Heart.

I find old people pretty cute, so watching a choir of them sing Sonic Youth and Cold Play songs was awesome—and yes, I was brought to tears. I highly recommend watching that film.

From here on out I turned into a couch potato. I watched three more episodes of Twin Peaks and couldn’t bring myself to get off my couch. I’m not going to beat myself up too much about feeling like I “got nothing done.” At least I wasted my hours the good ol’ fashion way and wasn’t surfing the ‘net. Or something like that.

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