Goals summary

I find laying goals out for life very helpful. They help me maintain balance in my life and avoid losing perspective of what I believe my overall purpose to be. I’ve decided to check-in before I fall off the online documentation grid for the remainder of the year. So here goes…


Great news! Since my last post about goals for this year, I started working for the non-profit world again. “Contact BGC” was on my list of things to do. I completed that task by making a sending a simple e-mail, set up a meeting with my old boss about one of the reading coordinator positions that was available, and began working directly with the kids again—which has proven to be one of the best decisions I’ve made since returning to Denver.

This work, along with the community outreach and web management work that I’m doing for a local coffee roaster, is a good balance for me. My responsibilities with the coffee roasting company are becoming more clearly defined and I recently established a schedule that is more routine.


As you may or may not remember, at the beginning of the summer I was feeling pretty jiggly. Since then, a friend of mine and I have taken to walking through the park three mornings a week before work. Yay us! I have not yet found a place to swim laps, as is one of my goals, but I did buy a pass to Water World! Not the same, I know. I am thinking of quitting my current gym membership and joining parks and recs again. Then I will be able to swim laps.

I’ve stopped with the fast food. I’m working on saying, “I’ve had enough” during meals in general.


Family dinner night on Mondays has struggled due to schedules but my weekly meet-ups with Emily and Elliott have been consistent and amazing. Watching babies grow up blows my mind. I’ve kept up with my monthly date challenge and started seeing someone last month who brings out a part of me that has been hidden for some time. It feels good.


I have not been making enough to save for art on my walls. That will have to wait.


As I mentioned in my work goals update, I started working in the non-profit world again. Getting paid money to do what feeds my soul seems like a win-win. I missed the Buntport BOD meeting since I was out of town and I have not met with Think Yacht for some time, but Bean Again and the book project stuffs are moving slow and steady. So there’s that.

Wow, this has been real boring. All apologies. I suppose if you feel like being entertained, you can check out my more snarky blog here.








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