Keeping track of 2012 creative projects

Last year (January 7th to be exact), I began meeting with a few friends each week. We checked in with each other about creative projects we had going. We helped each other brainstorm and coerce ideas out of the mind and into the big bad world.

Although we no longer meet every week, the function of the group as a sounding board for our ideas remains. We help each other brainstorm and problem solve; the space created by the group is an incubator for our short and long term creative ideas and projects. We’ve come to call this group Think Yacht (because ‘think tank’ just sounds so aggressive).

We met last month after an extended break and came up with, among other things, the idea for each of us to keep a 2012 Think Yacht portfolio. For me, this structure helps a lot—with feeling more accountable and being mindful of how my own creative process ebbs and flows. I’ve decided to keep my personal TY portfolio on this Power Year blog since Think Yacht is one of the tools I use to “choose my own creatifesto.”

To give you an idea of what I have in mind before embarking on any creative project, here is my Personal (Think Yacht) statement:

I believe life is a process of continuous learning and hands on discovery; I prefer trial and error over being paralyzed by fear. I strive to maintain an open mind and dissolve barriers so that significant connections can be cultivated; I prefer collaboration over competition. I believe there is value in shared ideas and resources. Putting positive energy into the world—even if it is a small drop in the ocean, is what powers my thacht*.

*a “thaycht” is better than an ordinary thought. Think of your thaycht as your core, your mission, your purpose, your inner child.

I’ll share the first piece of my 2012 TY portfolio in the very near future.

Onward ho!

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