Screen free evenings

Who knew upgrading from an iPhone 4 last night to a 6 plus would inspire me to stay off all things with screens (at least in the evenings)? Maybe it’s because I recently began a Power Year. That’s right. I went to the woods. I disconnected from the noise of society and all its norms it likes to throw at me, and I reconnected with nature. As per usual when I’m surrounded by natural beauty, I felt grounded and part of the universe that matters to me.

Iceberg Lake in Glacier National Park
Iceberg Lake in Glacier National Park

I’m 35. It’s been five years since I completed my last Power Year and it’s time. I’m at a place where I’m feeling dissatisfied with my job and I’ve veered off the course I like to be on—slowly and by various distractions (aka social norms and expectations). I decided it’s time to steer my way back on the course of intentional living, what better way than to take another Power Year?

Unlike my Power Year of 29, I’m starting PY35 out with only two objectives:

1) Get unstuck in work realm.

2) Improve photography skills.

I think evenings  free of all things screen (t.v., computer, phone, if I had a tablet, that too…)might be my way of finding inspiration. We shall see.

4 thoughts on “Screen free evenings

      1. It’s been interesting, so it’s good to find kindred spirits who are also finding value in this. Sometimes people look at me like I’m psycho, as though I’m giving up oxygen or something. Keep on writing – I’ll follow!

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