The impermanence of technology

I recently plugged my iphone 6 into my computer to upload some photos from a recent trip to the City Museum (I planned on posting a show+tell about the amazing spot in St. Louis that is one of my favorite places on earth). Instead of syncing, my computer registered my phone as new and asked me if I wanted to restore from a backup or as new. Very long sob story (with even longer back story of me being forced to upgrade from my 4 that I was happy with until it couldn’t run the current operating system) short, I lost all the photos I took in October and from the dinner I attended last night. This makes me sad, mostly because I had very specific plans for those lost pictures!

This experience reminded me of the impermanence of our digital lives. It also made me take one step closer to the Samsung camp of mobile devices.

And a note for those of you wondering why I don’t just auto sync over wireless; I hit my limit for free iCloud space and didn’t feel like getting bullied into buying more space. Talk about first world problems.

2 thoughts on “The impermanence of technology

    1. 🙂
      There’s just something so satisfying about yelling, “I’M GOING OFF THE GRID” and shaking my fist at the dark iCloud in the sky.

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