Loss and letting go

We continue to lose daylight for another two weeks or so, until Winter Solstice. We have no say. That is loss. Involuntary and inevitable. My family lost a loved one to cancer recently, which inspired many thoughts about loss and letting go.

Just because we lose something doesn’t mean we choose to let it go. Sometimes we hold on, even though we know holding on won’t bring back the lost. There is comfort in holding on. We hold on until we are ready to let go. Letting go is a choice.

We can choose to remember after we let go. Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting or abandoning. We can let go and accept the loss. When we let go and release our hold, we are open to now; we give ourselves the gift of being in the present instead of stuck in the past.

One thought on “Loss and letting go

  1. At yoga recently, I heard this quote which I find very interesting. I believe from Buddhist teachings… “You only lose what you cling to” Felt it related to your post…


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