Become a bedtime champ

My soul sister and I were roommates in college for our freshman and senior years. One of our nighttime rituals was to run around and “get all the hyper out” before superman jumping into bed. Or at least that was my ritual. I think it took my SS longer to fall asleep; I remember her expressing some aggravation at how quickly I fell asleep after my head hit my pillow. She didn’t hold a grudge though, and even gave me this award:


I’ve always vaguely been aware of how important sleep is, but recently learned that it’s also an essential time for our brains to process everything that’s been thrown at them during the day. Our sleep patterns can determine how well rested we feel when we wake up, and affects our overall health. When we’re sleep deprived we may not function like our typical selves.

So what prevents people from getting good sleep?


Deadlines, responsibilities, demands at work and home, financial problems, being too busy, dependents, strained relationships with colleagues/friends/family, perfectionism…


Physical safety (camping and scared of being attacked by a bear? Probably won’t sleep that well), comfort, light levels, sounds

Caffeine and alcohol


I feel very fortunate to be the type of person who falls asleep quickly and generally sleeps through the night; on the occasion when I’ve had one too many glasses of wine and I wake up at 2:00am and have trouble (“trouble”=it takes 20 minutes) falling back asleep, I feel like I get a teensy glimpse into what it feels like to have sleep issues.

A number of people who I talk to express wanting to focus their Power Year on improving self-care. This is no surprise since it’s easy for companies to say they value work-life balance yet encourage and reward 60+ hour work weeks; self-care is about walking the talk of health and wellness, because nobody else is going to do it for you— getting enough sleep is a great place to start if you missed last week’s post about eating healthily.

In the spirit of sleep self-care, ponder these questions:

Do I wake up feeling well rested? If not,

How can I decrease the amount of stress in my life?

Can I improve my sleeping environment?

Are there relationships I need to patch up or strengthen?

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