What’s your loyalty worth?

I was on the phone with a Canon customer service agent, who began the call telling me, “We can definitely help you with the error you’re receiving,” and ended the call by telling me my printer had a hardware malfunction and I’d need to get a new one.

The agent informed me of the Canon loyalty program, that offers a discount to current Canon customers, to apply to a new purchase to replace whatever item they’re getting rid of. This got me excited. I love discounts.

“How much of a discount do you give to your loyal customers?” I asked.

“10%,” he replied.

I gasped. 10%? If I saw a sale advertising 10% off, I’d laugh. I felt insulted. Between the low ball discount for loyal customers and the shipping delay of 5-7 days, I decided to take a trip to Office Depot.

I bought a Hewlett Packard product, because my loyalty is worth more than a measly 10%.

FullSizeRender 4
Lookin’ good, HP!

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