This is your wake up call

I was shocked, but now that’s worn off and the pain is settling in. I’m seeing a lot of status updates from parents who question how they will tell their kids that love did not win. That hate won. I’m not sure I’m down with that binary thinking.

The people who voted for Trump are flesh and blood. They are capable of love. If we choose to talk about them within the same us vs them framework that got us into this nightmare, we’ll be chasing our own tails forever.

This election is our wake up call. Do you hear it? Are you listening? Because those two things aren’t exactly the same. It’s time to wake up. To really open our eyes and see each other, to dismiss the distractions that divide us—it’s time to connect. To organize.

Symbolically, this election is a flamboyant F YOU to marginalized groups of people. But it’s also evidence that there’s another large group of people in this country who are feeling unheard and othered. I read this great article about people who live in rural America. I recommend it.

If we focus on the root of the problem, we can direct our energy to solutions. It’s tempting to want to move to Canada, but I really like my life here so I’m ready to put work in and make the political better, starting with the personal. The people who voted for Trump cast their cries for help. I’m not going to count on Trump or any of the other politicians in Washington to do what’s in the best interest of the people. The whole system is so dysfunctional, yet so embedded and seemingly impossible to dismantle, I’m going to do what’s within my ability and capacity to make America one that is great for me to live in. And that starts with listening, really listening, and understanding the struggle of the people, my fellow Americans.

4 thoughts on “This is your wake up call

  1. This helps so much this morning as I am bawling in my office at work at the shock and disbelief of how we got here. I know we have to keep fighting the fight, and I completely agree, running from the problem to Canada is great, but won’t fix the issue or make things better. It’s up to us. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      1. I went to bed dark and distressed last night, but within an hour of waking was full of passion and fight and even joy. Something about having “my work cut out for me” – loving my amazing clients, loving all the people who care enough to be sad. Hard to explain, but it’s a surprising and wonderful place to find myself, as the storm rages all around.

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