When I was 29, I dedicated my life to pursing creative projects I’d let linger in my imagination for too long. I turned 29 on June 29, 2009 and decided a golden birthday just wouldn’t do. I declared that year my, “Power Year.” For 365 days I lived with intent; I was structured about making change happen in my life. I began listening to the creative part of my brain that kept nagging me to get out of the cubicle and into the world.

There are times in life when a Power Year is necessary. Maybe you’re stuck in a job/relationship/rut that isn’t serving you and isn’t an expression of who you are. Or maybe you’re newly retired and feel paralyzed by the vast amount of time you don’t know how to fill. Power Years are about doing you. They’re about brushing off social conventions, blocking out the naysayers and doing what brings you joy. They’re about taking risks and failing, about saying yes to life, and living fully like tomorrow could be your last.

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