Excellent insight

It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop.  -Confucious

Because the energy it takes to motivate to get moving again can sometimes be difficult to muster up.

One of the Untitled #33 participants talks about time management

I like to check-in and see what the participants of the workshop that I ran at the Denver Art Museum are up to—it’s easy with Celeste because she’s started a blog about her first year as a nursing student.

I like what she says about time management and being okay with sometimes doing nothing and being comfortable with spending time around people you care about. I agree that this is so important to nourishing your soul.

Be able to brush it off

People will misjudge you. They’ll gossip, they’ll hate. They’ll make assumptions and not understand or ask about your intentions.

It’s important to be able to brush off the feelings that come along with these situations, because the alternative is the weight of resentment—and that’s quite a load to carry.

If you have thought out what you are doing and believe it is right, that is what matters most.



This year is YOURS—own it.

Here is the fourth rule I made for myself and followed during my Power Year:

Own it. This year is yours. It’s been given to you by life. Be grateful and see what comes of pushing yourself beyond imagination.

One of the things that came from pushing myself beyond imagination was stress hives. They were not awesome and they were itchy. Besides that, I’d say this rule complimented the, “say YES” attitude I’d adopted for the year, but also urged me to really embrace the projects I was completing and the new avenues of work that I was pursuing. Instead of being a bystander, I was an active participant.

It’s nice to hear, “this year is yours,” even if it’s from a voice from within. But you know what? Sometimes it’s hard to hear that inner voice because it’s scared or being covered by all sorts of distractions. So I’ll tell you something.

This year is YOURS. See what comes of pushing yourself beyond imagination.


March message to 2011 Online Pledge Class

Happy March. Did February fly by, or what? Sheeeit. How’d the month go for you? Were you able to focus on your February list? Are there certain goals that you need to assess and adjust at this time? Did you share your Power Year plans with friends? Are you ready to rock this next month? Let’s raise our cups to the madness that is March!


Review your SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time bound) goals and reflect/record what worked last month and how you will improve for this month.

Make a March Madness List of items you will tackle this month.

Here's my list for March


Share your plan publicly. This could mean hosting a brunch or dinner party, where you “exhibit” what you’ve produced so far. Or this could mean making a public appearance and presenting your work so far or your intentions for the next ten months. This challenge is important because the process of organizing your work to present to others is very beneficial!

The project that I’m personally working on this year happens to be Bean Again, LLC. I’m scheduled to speak in general terms about extending the lifespan of objects later this month during The Forecasters. If you’re in Denver, you should come to the show; the rest of the presenters are very interesting people who will be forecasting the future as well!

Okay pledges, email me your updates or links to your blogs!

Goodbye February!


February? Check! (mostly)


Music moves

I listen to my Kanye West station on Pandora when I want to motivate to build up momentum on beginning a project; I play my “Brain time with Bach” mix when I am writing on deadline; and I crank up the Wu-Tang Clan when I’m exercising.

Music moves me—thank the powers that be, it doesn’t move me ugly (or, at least not that I’m aware of). There’re studies that show the benefits of listening to music that include lessening chronic pain and increased productivity.

Music is the very reason why I answer, “blind” when people ask whether I’d want to be deaf or blind. Music lifts me out of a ruts and motivates me to DO.

I love how I can put on my big ol’ headphones and listen to musical masterpieces from any era or genre I want. I’ve got lots of respect for the musicians who create compositions that inspire me to shake my shoulders and take action to cross things off my list of Things to Do.

What music gets you going/creating/thinking/dancing?